three hats in three rounds

This past month my baby brother Zachary has been wrestling, a lot.  He is a sophomore this year and managed to wrestle himself to the semi-state competition.  Through sectionals, regionals, and the semi-state competition his fan club was there yelling as loud as we can to be certain he could hear us. As much as I love supporting my little brother, wrestling is not my favorite sport to watch.  The wrestlers are always in a varying degree of pain and inflicting it upon each other.  Naturally as we waited for Zac's matches I had to have something to occupy my time and hands.  

On the way out the door to each event I grabbed a ball of yarn from my stash and a crochet hook.  Here are my three hats to show for Zachary's three rounds.

 I kept them pretty simple because I just needed the repetition of making to occupy me and to keep my nerves calm.

 Sectionals: This green hat I wear the most.  It has a little pouch that I wear in the back so my hair can be pulled up but the hat still stays on.

 Regionals: My attempt at Granny Squares turned into this hat.

  Semi-State:  I love this color but the hat is just a little snug; I may have to block it before I can wear it.

We celebrated Zachary's wins by feeding him massive amounts of food (including my favorite pad-thai).  After Semi-State and his season was over food and sleep was a great reward for many, many matches well wrestled.  He's already got his eyes on the track season and all those hurdles.  For right now I think that the musical is keeping him jumping enough (the one in blue, jumping over his friends).  He's so cool.


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