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footstool, recovered

When my parents came to meet their first grandchild they brought with them a footstool that was my late Grandma Lillian's. I actually do remember a number of interactions with it as a tiny kid. It was just the right size for play.

It came to me disassembled and in a grocery sack.  The original cover was hooked or needle punched but has not fared well over the last thirty years. Initially I thought I would try making something similar to recover it, but seven months later I just wanted to have the thing covered at all.
I decided to sew a quilted cover from a vintage piece of linen. For the backing I used some quilting cotton.

There are two layers of batting in the middle.
I used a blind hem stitch to hold the slightly smaller batting in place to flip the piece right-side out.
Once I made the cover panel, I realized it could use a little more cushion.  So I made a little round cushion with kapok inside.
This is about the time I remembered my giant sewing breakthrough: if something has an …

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