Saturday, June 2, 2012

armstrong family weds

Last Saturday was the wedding of Ashley and Jason.  The afternoon ceremony took place in the Japanese Gardens in Mishawaka, Indiana.

I met Ashley a few years back at a "cousins" party.  You see, my dear Rachel went to college in Indianapolis.  There she met an awesome neighbor named Megan and through conversations (among other things) it was discovered that they both shared a mutual bond in having cousins that were their besties!  One day, after both Megan and Rachel had moved to Elkhart, it just so happened that all the cousins gathered for a cousin party at Aunt Patti's house.  Since then there have been many great occasions including Yubra feasts, birthdays, and the epic hoosier hootinanny to gather us together (plus or minus a cousin).  I truly enjoy this family so much and am so grateful to be included in so many wonderful moments with them.

Some how it happened that I was able to sit with Ashley in the car before she walked down the isle.  I love brides moments before their weddings - they are all so different yet with a same spirit over them.

[Rachel took some of these pics, I took some and Megan (or Mercy Mcnab as she's known the world around) took the others.]

Ashley with her dad.

Awaiting guests enjoyed the beautiful gardens.

The daughters in procession.

The sons.

Aunt Patti (Ashley's mom) made these beautiful little bouquets for the girls.  They are all pins and broaches.  They were so cute and perfect.

*Photo by Mercy Mcnab
 Jason took up jewelry-making to create their rings.  They are so beautiful.

*Photo by Mercy Mcnab
 Jason and Ashley now together are the parents seven children.  Ashely having two little girls from her first marriage and Jason has three girls and two sons from his.  They make one beautiful family.

*Photo by Mercy Mcnab

The reception was AMAZING.  A fantastic crew had transformed Aunt Patti's wooded backyard into magic.  When I first walked back there I thought I had been transported into Neverland.

Check out the cake tiers - covered in "Patti cakes".  There are beautiful little mini whoopie pies and are Aunt Patti's signature dessert.

I'd say this is my favorite picture I took all day.  Aunt Patti is sitting there in the grass with her grandbabies and Rachel and Joshua are chilling in the background.  The giant tent/tarp overhead was a Joshua installation and it was amazing.

Ashley dances with her brother David and Aunt Patti holds her grandson while they dance with his momma Sow Phia.

*Photo by Mercy Mcnab
Rachel and I decimating a watermelon.  It started whole and then we got to chopping and everyone was having watermelon.  She's so pretty.

The bride and I undertaking the awkward dancing portion of the invitation.

There were so many little girls at the party and Matthew.  Matthew is Megan's only nephew.  He has four sisters.  A good man.

This image is in the running for favorite of the day as well.  Joshua and the kiddos were putting together a playlist on his phone.  He's so cool.
*Photo courtesy of Mercy Mcnab
And here we have the COUSINS!

The evening ended with everyone in their "comfortable clothes" and party beautifully lit for just a few more rounds on the dance floor for the happy couple.

What an amazing wedding day.  It was so beautiful.  I wish the couple and their "menagerie of children" a lovely life together.  Thank you for sharing the love and your beautiful day!

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