Monday, March 26, 2012

last leg

The big move is tomorrow morning. 

At the moment I am laying in my bed in my unpacked room gathering up the moxie and motivation to do what needs to be done today.  Part of that motivation is on her way over.  My dear Rachel is headed over to help with the tasks of the day. 

But until then (10ish) I really wanted to share with you moments from my last filled to the brim week or so.  Photo story time!

 In a slightly freakish turn of weather every thing started budding.

 I am grateful for the chance to pick flowers from Mom's garden.  One of my favorite things.

 In a magical moment the show was coming together and looking amazing.  I have such pride in all the students.

When I see all of them sitting together and think about how much they all enjoy performing and want to sing and dance it is just overwhelming.  I am so lucky to have had them in my life.

 I was especially grateful when a good group showed up to paint set on our last work day.  It was a good laugh when I few were wondering what the round holes in the (prop) telephone booth were for...coin slots.  In actuality most of them had never used a payphone.

 The junk yard turned out to be one of my favorite set pieces.  It looks more like corregated metal from far away but the graffiti was the best.

 Last Monday night we celebrated Aunt Patti on her birthday at Fiddler's Hearth in South Bend.  Rachel made a great cake and everything about the evening was sublime.

 The next morning I hopped on my bicycle to experience what I will always think of as the best commute a person can ask for to make my last newspaper.

 I enjoyed my view and noted all the plants poking up in the Secret Garden.

 We did Chinese for lunch (my choice) and Miss R and I enjoyed the flowering trees.

 Mom and Dad made a Bon Voyage cake to share.  There was also a card filled with best wishes. 

 Wednesday was my last day at the newspaper and after getting issue 13 of volume 120 sent out Eli and Sue stopped by with their convertible and took me for a grand ride around in the country.  It was perfect.

 Per our tradition, Al and I sat on the bench for a bit.

That evening I served my last shift at the restaurant.
 I had quite the opportunity to sing with the windows down as I drove to visit my dear Stacy Lane.

 After a good evening of catching up I had an insanely cute breakfast date.  Stacy, Eleanor and I had a great walk in their small town.

 We took in all the beautifully blooming things.

 Ellie had the cutest sandals and was so excited to put them to use.  It was so wonderful to spend a little time with these lovely ladies.

 Lunch was spend at Sam's in Chicago, where I met the newest member of his household - Theodore.  Teddy is huge and very sweet.  Sam and I had a lovely lunch.

On the way home I stopped for an afternoon tea with Despina and we caught up on the important things.

Friday, I taught my last day - I was a PE teacher and goalie dodgeball was the day's activity.

The show opened and I spend the performance with my camera back stage.  It was so great - in all my shows (even in high school) I never saw such a full auditorium on an opening night.

 Saturday morning I was able to meet up with dear Kitty and we had a lovely lattes and ventured to the Goshen Farmers Market and Ignition Garage.  I would highly recommend both.

 Back at the ranch we prepared to host the after-party following the Saturday performance.  Somehow Jason and I managed to get my loom in my room.  It was quite a feat.

 The whole family was at Saturday's show.  The brothers from Purdue, Sam & Laura, Rachel & Josh & Whitney, and even an unexpected cousin and his family came.  The auditorium was full - much like our backyard after the show.  It was bustling with teenagers.  Rachel, Josh and Whitney came over after and helped get things in order.  I had a great time and according to the kiddos everyone else did too.

 We celebrated a wonderful party with a big family breakfast.  Our friend Nathan joined us around the Telschow Table.  

The morning was marked by a family photo - but until I get to flipping through those and finding the shot where all nine of us and two dogs are behaving with both eyes opened and mouths shut I will share my favorite of the afternoon with you. Nothing makes me feel as small/secure as standing among my brothers.  In this photo I may have just found my moxie and motivation.

I am one lucky lady.


Katherine Ross said...

Lovely, just lovely.

Lizzie said...

This may be one of my favorite posts yet, and it includes some of my favorite pictures you've posted. Your short hair suits you so well, and I don't think the little write-up on you in the paper could have been any more perfect! You're the best Sharon!

Laura J said...

I enjoy that last picture so much! All of the facial expressions are hilarious. I'm so blessed to be a part of this family now! I cannot wait to hear all of your exciting New York stories!

Abbyblujay said...

best wishes to you in New York!!! I'm so excited for your new journey.

you're pretty much amazing : )