just wait 15 minutes

The saying that I heard from my fifth grade teacher is, "if you don't like the weather in Indiana, wait fifteen minutes."  This may be the saying in more than Indiana but what happens when you LIKE the weather and it changes fifteen minutes later.

Last week the piles and piles of snow melted away and it reached temperatures 400% higher than they were two weeks ago.

 This was my awesome view on my bike ride to work last week.  It was fantastic to be riding to work again.
 Saturday Stella was found lounging on the back porch basking in the glory of the great, great sunshine.

 A few minutes later she was found sitting in the backyard by her favorite neon tennis ball.  The very same ball she had "lost" in the giant piles of snow only a few weeks ago.

 The pond almost melted and the garden was beautiful and golden.

But then...

It began to sleet, then snow, and snow, and snow.

 Now we are back to the winter wonderland.

I am left with the hope that in one week it is February and spring will be here in less than a month.  (Here's to hoping.)  I'm just really not like snow in my shoes...and on my coat...and on my dog.  But mostly I just want to ride my bike.

Until then you can look forward to this:
 The brothers rehearsing for the spring musical Fiddler on the Roof. I've got a house full of dancing Russians.