Friday, January 21, 2011

sweet darlin'

Currently here in ol' Wakarusa it is 2 degrees Fahrenheit...that is cold.  It is when the temperatures dip this low that my mind wonders to places far off.  I get a hankering for the desert.  I have never been to the desert but I do recall the same wish standing out in my mind last winter as well.  Since I can't go to the desert right now I will have to focus my thoughts on something warm and delightful.  

Last weekend I had the great pleasure of visiting dear Stacy Lane and her beautiful daughter Eleanor Judy with the company of the lovely Katherine.  It was such a nice visit.

 Kitty with the cutie.

 Kitty's hand.

 She is so sweet and small, still only about five pounds.  I think that is pretty impressive for a girl that wasn't expected to be born until next month.

 Here is the quilt I stitched up for little Ellie the night she was born.

What a privilege it was to meet the littlest member of the Steiner family.  She is just so sweet.  I bet the next time I see that lovely lady she will be rocking at "tummy time" - her least favorite thing ever right now.  She is so lucky to have such a stinkin' awesome mom.


Lizzie said...

I love that quilt you made!

Josiah T. said...

This post made me "awww" so many times. :)