Thursday, January 13, 2011

day in, day out

Just so you know, I've spent the last few days as a nervous wreck.  I have an appointment on Monday morning to meet the printmaking professor and grad students at Notre Dame.   This is where I am applying for grad school.  While I am super excited at the same time I am super scared.  Mostly I am afraid of failure.  Nothing is worse than putting a huge pile of hopes into one basket and finding out they got run over by a car or stepped on.  So basically I am thinking that if I say what I am scared of then I can't try to hide it and will maybe stop being so nervous.  

In preparation for submitting my application and portfolio (due February 1st) I have been wanting to finish up this portrait.  Basically my evenings kind of have been looking like this:
get home, feed dogs, let dogs out, feed me, greet family as they enter, hang out a little, grab portrait and box of embroidery floss, start stitching, watch movies/tv shows with mom, continue stitching, eat too much popcorn (my downfall and weakness), keep stitching, call it a night.

All the while we have been having snow almost non-stop for the last few days.  It makes for lovely views and slow driving (the perfect combination).  Here is a little winter wonderland from my carriage house perch for you to enjoy.  Don't be fooled there is actually a bit of hoarfrost in that magnificence.


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