Saturday, October 3, 2015

sweet sprinkle for Rachel and Rune

Back in April, when Rune was on his way but not quite here yet, I had the extreme honor of throwing a sprinkle in honor of Rachel.  One fanastic group of women gathered around the table at Mother's Bistro to celebrate Rachel and to take time together before Rune was born. 

Half of the table with the honored mother.

Their great coffee mugs.

I whipped up some favors of chocolate bars with bow-ties.

Rachel, wearing the felt flower corsage I made for her.

with Jacky

with Becky

with Annalisa

with Meggin

with Rachel

with Sarah (and Abby)

with Mercy

with it should be

After the busy morning of brunching we stopped to have a cup of coffee and dessert.

I sure do love this lady and am so very grateful to have gotten to spend such a wonderful afternoon with her and all those lovely ladies.  There was so much genuine sweetness with us.  Thank you very much to all of those that helped make this such a beautiful moment (especially Dads!).

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RARRAT said...

Aaaaw. You're just the best! And daaang, I was big. Miss you so much!