Friday, March 13, 2015


With the day off of school, I spent the bulk of the afternoon sifting through photos and polishing lesson plans.  The past two weeks I have been instructing the seventh graders in a small sewing project.  It has been fantastic and I am just loving their dedication.  

Among all the photos was the first project I instructed.  One objective in seventh grade is to introduce the elements of art.  I was able to walk them through about half the elements and it was so fun to step out and lead the class.  Along the way I made my own example of the project.  This was also a nice way to get to know students as we worked together.

Her it is in progress with six of the eight elements.

Finished...but not quite.  I didn't really like the piece as a whole so I decided to take it in a different direction.

Naturally, it became a book.

I left the pages connected and joined the two rows.


I think form is my favorite.   It was done with watercolor pencils.

On a daily basis I am still in awe of the trees.  I love trees and here in the Northwest they are just so huge.


Katherine Ross said...

Someday I need to visit you and see those trees! I love that you turned this into a book.

Josiah Telschow said...

If there is anything I remember all too well from my trip, it is the towering trees.

Also wonderful booklet. Sometimes it feels like I have to relearn that stuff on a daily basis. :p