Thursday, July 17, 2014


Oh, so very soon, I will have written the reflection for the two weeks of practicum I completed last Thursday.  I will also be finished writing my first unit plan, which I will drop off before Monday morning and completely forget about until classes resume on August 26th.  Until then I will spend my spare moments either working on said work or avoiding working on said work.

 This was a moment of a delicious vegan bakery on Alberta Street.

But when I'm finished I will: sew, repair the massive pile of mending on my desk, return the two foot pile of library books looming on my desk, and read...fiction.  I will also be really excited that my parents will be visiting in less than one month.  

Now to attempt to focus.

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Katherine Ross said...

So much work! I hope now that it's over you're getting to enjoy your summer break. Let me know if you find yourself in Indiana with some free time :)

You had asked me what's on my reading list ... "A Place in the Woods," "The Fault in Our Stars," (I feel like I have to) "The Omnivore's Dilemma," and possibly some of the Mary Poppins books, which I have never read. What about you, anything on your list?