Wednesday, April 9, 2014

a litte gratitute

Today I am grateful for:

1. Waking up to a big "Hiiiii!!!!!" from a very happy baby.
2. Wearing shorts.
3. Saying hello to my Afghani neighbors.
4. Finishing all of my school work before class.
5. Walking around Woodstock with two of my favorite people and the sun on our faces.
6. The new garden center at the hardware store and its friendly (handsome) staff.
7. Left over mac and cheese (vegan) from this cookbook.
8. Horrible traffic that allowed for me to have conversations with both youngest and eldest brothers.
9. Trees having new leaves and the incredible beauty of where I live.
10. Having found such a fantastic education program that inspires and stretches my mind.

There is oh, so much more.

April will be quite the month.  We had visitors from New Zealand this past weekend.  Friday, Ms. Stacy Lane is coming for a visit. Hooray!  The following weekend I am flying to Indiana for Alex's Bridal shower and the final weekend will be spent celebrating a wedding in Colorado.  Plus, the 30th marks the end of my first school term.  Is your head spinning?  Mine is.

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