Wednesday, September 4, 2013

welcome september

There is a slow breeze puffing through the trees.  The sound of insects chirping is almost deafening compared to the silence that 4:30 brings.  Stella's had her dinner and practices pancake pose on the living room rug.  The towering sunflowers sway slightly in the wind as the insects buzz around.  

I am sipping a cup of tea with my feet up on the ottoman trying to clear my head of the day's buzz.  It's easy to tune out the droning hum of machinery with the chatter of busy classrooms.  At 3:06 the system kicks off, revealing the void it's sound had filled.  My mind is still adjusting as it fights giving into the more silent sounds of the garden.

The taste of the tea reminds me of France and our devotion to 3 o'clock tea.  Lunch was served at noon and dinner at seven.  Tea time was a necessity.   It feels that way today.  I am relishing in the still of the afternoon.

My shifts at the restaurant have lessened since the start of school and the transitioning in of my replacement.  I have no complaints at this.  It leaves time for lovely things.

Last night we took a little trip to visit Grandma.  Jason wanted to show Alex around her house and share with her some of our memories of childhood.

 Momma made her a ground cherry pie.  Grandma loves them (she's the only one).

After a tour and spin around the lake in the row boat we sat in the living room chatting.

 I spotted this sassy photo-booth photograph of my G-ma at all of eight years old.  She's so cute.

 She's still pretty darn sassy.

 Jason with Grandma.  

J and I spent quite a bit of time with Grandma when we were little - more so than our younger siblings.  She's a pretty special lady to us.  Her home, surrounded by a pine forest and overlooking a small lake, was pretty enchanting to the young mind.  It was what a grandparent's home should be.  She loves it there.

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