Tuesday, June 25, 2013


In all the commotion of life somewhere along the line I forgot to be inspired.
These last few weeks, I have realized this issue and am trying to slow down long enough to let my imagination play a bit more.

The result is piles.

 There is the pile of reading material at by bedside lamp.
Books include: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle  -  Life Lessons from Corrie Ten Boom  - my Bible  -  O'Keeffe on paper  - Handmade Nation  -  Craft Inc.  -  The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes  &  The Fire Cat
Periodicals include: two issues of Edible Michiana  -  Whole Living  & a sweet note Samuel left after one of his visits.
The lamp once belonged to my beloved professor Pamela, the sheep is a gift from Lewis, the brass elephant was a graduation gift from my neighbor Tim before I left Savannah, the photo is the latest photo of Rachel and I from her last visit in February, and the flashlight is because the power went out last night.

 Sitting on Great-Great Aunt Helen's salmon-colored chair is the life catch-all.
An empty Kombucha bottle, my quilted bag of colored pencils, two yellow notepads, one black notebook, a current stitching project, my black serving apron from the restaurant, the box to the composite AV cable hook up for iphone/pod (the reason for the family's new devotion to watching the entire Downton Abbey series via Netflix & Hulu), the banana I'm about to eat, and few stray threads from said sewing project.

 My sewing table is actually quite organized.  I arranged it just the other day.
Among the jumble is a pile of clothing to made into something else useful, a collection of baby clothes to send to Eurydice, Zachary's wool hat to mend, embroidery floss to file away, and a pile of fabrics to be Eury's baby quilt.

 In the corner of the living room is the in-progress wedding quilt for Josh and Rachel...as we inch toward their two-year anniversary.

 At least this pile is clean and ready to be put away.

This pile of linens, on the other hand, is not.  It will be on my list of the afternoon's tasks.

The sky's are still rumbling, which is fine with me.  I was quite disappointed by the lack of storms of late.  It's not officially summer until a good cooling summer rain sets in and thunder rolls.


Lexi said...

I love youuu, I miss youuuu. My sweet friend. <3

Lizzie said...

You're so right - piles are the inevitable result of inspiration!