Thursday, May 9, 2013


I'm trying to do a little freshening up around here.  It is proving a little more difficult that I would like as my creative muscles are out of shape.


I have been enjoying the Goshen Farmers Market as much as possible these days.  Last week I was was lucky enough to have sweet Katherine join me.  We are beginning to make this a habit and I couldn't be happier.

 My dear Kitty is going to be a momma in the next week (give or take a few days) and it was nice to have a little chat and stroll with the lovely lady.

 Here is my haul from the trip.  I'd say a pretty successful trip.  The bagels have me addicted.  They remind me of the bagels I would by in Brooklyn - something I had been really missing.

Mom's garden is in such a glorious state of bloom.  The crab apple trees are beyond beautiful.  I don't remember them ever being this fabulous at the same time.

 My view from the apartment.   Currently I am sitting on my couch with all that loveliness as my wall.

It was a rare treat Monday when my dear Canadian friends stopped by for a visit.  They were in town visiting family and were able to steal away for a few hours to catch up and get a tour of my home.  Which is only fitting being that I have had the great pleasure of staying in theirs.

 Amy, Lily Helen, Me, Susie and Stella (stealing into the shot, of course).  Maeve stayed back at the farm.  We sat under that magnificent flowering crab, having tea and chatting on life.  It was so very wonderful to see that amazing ladies - they are always such an inspiration.

 This guy is back at the homestead.  His presence is known.  Lewis keeps me in laughter.

 The backyard apple trees are in full swing as well.  Close up they are buzzing with bees :).

With all the attention to the trees I mustn't forget my ground-dwelling favorites - violets!  They are just so sweet.


Lizzie said...

Looks like a FANTASTIC farmers market haul! And I love the hat you're wearing in your photo with Kitty (well, your whole outfit actually). Can't wait to experience the market with you in June!

Katherine Ross said...

So much love :)