Saturday, April 6, 2013

oh, lately

Spring break officially began, in my eyes, last Thursday at 2:58.  What better way to kick off the holiday than with my first trip of the season to the Goshen Farmers Market?  And to make it EVEN better - Katherine joined me!!

 We had such a nice morning scoping out the good food (fresh maple syrup!) the market had to offer.  Grabbing a seat by the window, we warmed up sipping on our tea and coffee at the Brew.   After we took a peak into Found.

 Edible flowers.

Eye candy flowers.  Snowdrops for my windowsill.  These have already been requested for planting this fall.

Next in the holiday requirements came all the chores I had been putting off.  Piles of post party dishes (nothing gross, mind you), laundry, general housekeeping.

 Stella supervised.

 And succeeded into luring me to join her.

Monday and Tuesday.

 We did managed to take a very nice walk along the canal in Goshen.  I had wanted to picnic before but that idea was shot, literally, someone's gunshots in the distance had Stella in high freakout mode and picnicking was a bust.

Naturally, it took another morning nap to set her right.

 It was super chilly but I did manage to take this springs inaugural bicycle ride.  I can't wait to have more of that in my life.  Walking is lovely but there is nothing like a bicycle ride to whisk away the troubles of a day.

 Those little weed flowers popping up everywhere are giving me hope that the flowers will keep coming.

Have you noticed the trees are all getting ready to burst out?  Here in Northern Indiana the less bare tree branches have all been blushing into new color and I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of leaves.  I do enjoy the skeletal trees - they have a somber beauty that is lost under the weight of foliage.  But leaves, leaves make my heart soar.  I welcome the elevation.

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Lizzie said...

Snowdrops; those are unbelievable! Are they a bulb you plant in the fall?

Your photo of Stella napping on the couch with your quilt draped over the back is probably my favorite photo of her ever - it's just so her!

That weed is dead nettle, a member of the mint family. Despite it's scary name it's harmless, but (as a mint) will take over everywhere! Bees love it though! (We have a ton in our yard.)