Monday, January 21, 2013

super saturday!

Saturday turned out to be one of those epic days.

The morning began with Mom, Dad, Jason, myself and Sara (Zachary's girlfriend) driving down to Wawasee to watch (and cheer for) Zachary as he competed in the Northern Lakes Conference Championship tournament.  Last year he took home Champ and this year he would see the same competitor he had beat in multiple rounds of overtime for his first title.  We cheered on all his teammates with ferver (as usual) and waited, with knotted stomachs, for that final round to come.  The matchup was no disappointment    The boys managed to tie it up by the end of the third period and headed into a round of overtime.  Then, at the last second Zachary managed to make it on top and get the points he needed for victory.  That is how he became the two year reigning 182 pound NLC champ.

We took photos of and with him in that moment of victory.  But only a few and only in the empty hallway because he is one super modest Champ - though since it was his senior year he let mom get him a t-shirt with his name on the back and champion to commemorate the day.

This coming Saturday Zachary will begin his first round of competition at the Sectional tournament.  He has had the goal of competing at State set in his mind and this will be where he starts.  The prayers have already begun.

When we arrived home from the intense afternoon there was a big white envelope addressed the baby bro with the words stating something about his bright future.  It was his acceptance letter to Purdue University.  Talk about a double win!  Following the tradition of male Telschows Zachary will BoilerUP! this fall.  This is senior year with only four and a half months left.

Saturday evening also brought a rare treat - I got to go out to dinner with my dear friend Stacy Lane!  She was in town for the weekend and just the two of us headed out to the Golden Monkey in Goshen where I had a giant bowl of Pho and she had something called golden noodles.  We wound up our evening out with a good long chat at the Spring (for old time's sake) and headed home just as the place started swarming.  It was so lovely to spend time with this lady.  It made for the perfect ending to one fantastic day!

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