Friday, October 19, 2012

take a break

Today is most definitely a psalms 8 day! A few days ago Maggy sent me a text asking if it was a Psalm 8 day for me as it was for her.  Being that it was just a few minutes ago that I read it, it took me a while to whip out my Bible to read.  

Its cold and rainy today but the beauty of fall is all around and certainly in the big grey clouds rolling around.  The grey, tan, mauve, golden and splashes of fire are everywhere.  

Today is Fall Break - presenting a mandatory day of rest.  I slept in and woke up to find Zachary lounging in the living room playing video games.  

 I lounged with him and Stella for a moment.  It is kind of rare to be hanging out with Zachary in daylight and with him not half asleep.

Around noon we decided to make something of this bonus day.  We headed to Goshen.

The first stop was Maple City Market for a bite to eat.  I am fighting a cold, and quickly realized that I am not on all cylinders when the idea of sitting outside in the damp chill was quite appealing.  We sat on their vacant patio set, me sipping vegetable soup and him noshing Salmon cakes.  We split a chocolate bar.  Although it really is no fun to be sick in a way I am grateful to have it.  I have been reminded to get more rest, eat my greens, dress warmer, drink lots of tea, and slow it down to breath.  Not to mention it kind of leaves me in marvel of my own body.  Although it gets kind of messy they are miraculous when it comes to repairing themselves.

 After lunch we sat down at the Electric Brew for hot drinks and a big ol' cinnamon roll for him.

We wandered a bit, checking out ukuleles and banjos at the music shop and picking up a new album at the record shop.  All the while I was so grateful to just get to hang out with my brother.  He's pretty cool.  

As I drove him to the school to prepare for this evening's Football game we talked about his future and the importance to pursuing passion.  We jammed out in the parking lot before we said a prayer for tonight's game and he went to join his teammates.

I thought I surely must be the luckiest girl on earth.


Katherine Ross said...

That sounds like the perfect day off. Good food and good company. And salmon cakes! I love them... I might have to pick up some the next time we're in Goshen. And of course, a cinnamon roll if we're ever at the Brew early enough :)

RARRAT said...

All that and then a win that night!

I can't wait to make you dairy-free salmon cakes. :)