Sunday, August 26, 2012

striking inspiration

It is interesting how quickly and mind-blowing inspiration can come when you least expect it. 

Sometimes it strikes like a herd full of cattle.

Dad, Jason and I were driving to watch Zachary play football Friday evening.  It was a beautiful evening and the country side was whizzing by and suddenly this grouping came into view.  I frantically told Dad he just had to pull over so I could snap a picture.  Jason stuck his head out of the window and whooped a bit to get their attention and magic.

After a trip to Culver's Root beer stand (where I shouldn't have eaten those french fries) we headed to the game.  I brought along a bit of stitching and we settled in for a fun-filled evening of rooting, hooting, and cheering on the team (and the cheerleaders - our fans could use a libral dose of team spirit).

It was sitting on those metal bleacher where inspiration struck once more.  I'm still not sure it if was inspiration or realization.

My baby brother is just constantly blowing my mind.  He is seriously so cool.  I am so lucky/bless/fortunate to be able to watch him grow up and turn into such an amazing man.  He teaches me so much.  (I almost teared up.)

Like when wrestling was really hard and he got pinned (a lot, like every match) and was feeling really downtrodden by the time his sophomore year rolled around.  Some of his teammates had quit and it would have been really easy for him to as well but he said no.  He said he made a commitment to the team and would stick to his commitment (BAM!).  So he worked really hard and fought many hard matches and he ended up at semi-state later that year (as well as team MVP) and then won conference championship the next year. 

He just puts everything into what he does - all in.  Zachary always has to lend a hand and give his all.  If a friend is having a bad day he tries to cheer them up.  Don't even get me started about when he started crushing on his (now) girlfriend!  Too cute.

In football last year it nearly broke his heart to not get playing time in.  One reason I think was because he really wanted to play but I also think that he really just wanted to help the team.  We encouraged him to maybe try playing some new positions - the brothers are always linemen - that maybe would help him find more playing time.  After trying a few he ended up back on the line because he knew that would support the team best.  He is such a good teammate.  He always stands behind the other players as they line up on the sidelines and cheers for the guys on the field and tries to get his teammates cheering too. 

Sitting on the sidelines I realize that I am so lucky to have these last three years of Zachary growing up first-hand.  Yeah, he would have been awesome and fine without me there - but I can say with certainty that my life would have been not nearly as awesome or inspired if I had not gotten to be a participant in all those amazing moments in his life.  So many amazing moments.

Such as last week when he was sitting in my living room throwing out ideas for talent show skits and I made tea and toast.  Or today when he grabbed the watermelon to chop up.

Next June he will graduate from high school, beginning a new adventure and chapter in his life.  But for the next ten months I'm going to be here - living in Indiana, living in Wakarusa, living in the carriage house - and taking in all these beautiful growing moments as them come.  What a good adventure!


Lizzie said...

So many beautiful moments. I absolutely love your photo of the herd of cattle. I would totally frame it and hang it on my wall.

RARRAT said...

Oh my. I'm so glad that you get to be around for his senior year. You know how I feel about Zachary. I just love your whole stinkin family! And your dad for pulling over to let you photograph the bovines!