Monday, July 16, 2012

oh, my!

Hey, it's July.  Wow.

How is that July has over half way slipped by and I have only told one adventure?!  Well, let's put an end to that nonsense.

 One day, I stood in the park on my way home just admiring this beautiful red bud.  Red buds and Ginkos might be my favorite trees.  They are just so glorious.  Well, I stood there and then realized there was a squirrel taking a break on the branch.  I shook the branch a little and it was indeed alive.  It stood up and turned to face the other way and plopped back down.  It must have been the heat.

On Independence Day I wound up wandering around Bushwich with Johanna and some of her friends in search of a cook-out to which we had been invited.  The cook-out was a bust but I had a marvouslous time as I tried to eat my popsicle while it was melting all over me.  During which I realized that I was melting like a popsicle on the fourth of July for real!

 So I stuck my head in one of the open hydrants and it was magnificent.

 The afternoon was spent in a back yard.  I'm still not really sure who's or where it was was but it felt like the 4th.

 I watched the fireworks explode in the distance from our roof.  I have never in my life witnessed such a massive amount of fireworks being shot off.  In every direction there were explosions.

 The neighbors along the street were shooting them off as well.  I just stood on the roof eating a big cookie with some almond milk - enjoying my independence.

 Lo and behold the squirrel also enjoys its independence.

Lucky me, Johanna invited me to dinner one Friday night.  It was magnificent.  She is such a foodie and even better a non-dairy foodie.

 We were stuffed to the brim with all the beautiful food she whipped up.  Cooked cabbage and carrots, beets, and kale salad.  With bread and jam for dessert.  So good.  Then we danced into delirium from the food coma and heat. I'm so lucky.

There wasn't even room for the watermelon I brought.  

It had been a dream of mine for some time to eat a massive amount of watermelon.  Doing so in the City is just a bit more complicated than Indiana.  There you would find one in the store for three to five dollars (because we watch for the deals) and plop it in the cart.  From the cart it would heaved into the car and then heaved into the house and massacred immediately.  In the City they seem to think it a good idea to sell it by the pound.  I don't.  When I do find a decently priced melon I lug it around the store in my basket then it is plopped into my backpack and I walk a mile to dinner with it.  When it is not eaten at dinner I walk another two miles with it in my back pack back home where it is put into the fridge in preparation for the moment when I chop it in half.  One half is wrapped up and put back in the fridge. 

 This was the fate of the other half.  I sat on a park bench and had my much dreamed of watermelon.

After eating that much watermelon, I took a walk.

 Along the way I found some Queen Ann's Lace.

 As well as the sunset.

 I also admired my neighborhood.

And was puzzled by the mystery and beauty of the this misplaced chair.  I was also glad to see the squirrel had recuperated from the heat.

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Katherine Ross said...

Such wonderful adventures! I love that photo of you and the popsicle... you look like a kid in the best way possible.

I'd like to think that mystery chair held an old man in a giant sunhat. His apartment has no air conditioning so he decided to move outside for the day and people watch. He probably got up for a cool drink and you had just missed him :)