Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a walk in central park

This morning I set out to walk through Central Park from top to bottom - something I had yet to do.

 I entered from the northwest corner of the park.  There were groups of schoolkids and plenty of bicyclists out enjoying the beautiful day.

 The sky and trees were glorious.  There are still so many trees in bloom and plenty of nature to take in.

 This is the Reservoir.  There is a designated running path all around it.

 I wound my way down through the park with frequent stops to take in more of my book.

 The flowering almond trees were PHENOMENAL and I just had to find a good one to lay under for a while.  The best thing was when the wind would blow petal in a shower down.

 I love violets and had to resist picking a handful of them.  Instead I left them for the next park guest to enjoy.  Plus I think that is a fine-able offense.

Here is a view from the other side of the Lake where Lexi and I sat just a few weeks ago as week enjoyed the afternoon in Central Park.

As it turns out I ended up spending the whole day in the park and finished the whole book.  I am thinking I really need to get a library card one of these days. 

Today marked my third week.  It doesn't feel like that long but at the same time feels like forever.

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