Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a new week

Yesterday marked the one week mark of my stepping onto an airplane and into a new everything.

It also marked the birthday of my dear brother Lewis!  Happy Birthday little bro!  He stepped out of his teens and into his twenties.  I'd say that is a monumental step.

 Lucky me - I just so happened to get the room with morning sun!

 Check out those big ol' clouds.  They have since rolled out and it has been blue skies since.

 In my Monday wanderings I strolled into a flea market and spotted these iron chairs.  They are pretty sweet and made me think of you mom.

 While I have your attention Mom - what kind of flowering tree is this?  They are just beginning to bloom while the Bradford pears are on their way out.

 I wandered into Park Slope.

 It made for a wonderful Monday evening to wander and enjoy the low sun and beautiful trees.

 Monday night I had my first go at seaweed.  It is not that I have never wanted to try before it is just that (aside from Nori) seaweed is just not something you can find at the neighborhood grocery in Indiana.  Well, here you can.  At three dollars a bag - I'd say that is pretty inexpensive.  I bought a bag of wakame.  It comes dried and I just had to soak it for four-six minutes in cold water for it to rehydrate.  I added some to my dinner.

 Yesterday morning was another beautiful sunny day.  It was also a little bit warmer.  The second floor studio space has a deck and it was quite lovely to lay out there in the sunshine.

 I also made use of the studio in getting my portfolio bound.  I had put it together last week and printed it on Monday.

 I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

 I am very much enjoying the laundry that sails around here.  There are large ladder-like structures on which the lines are attached.  I am curious as to how they get tied onto the structure - that is one job I would not volunteer for.

 The studio is also home to a beautiful lemon tree.  It smells wonderful and reminds me of Hairy Lime.

 Yesterday afternoon I set out to find the post office and ended up wondering to the waterfront and exploring Williamsburg and DUMBO a bit.

 The East River Ferry docks here.  It is also a lovely place to sit in the evening to enjoy the sunshine.

The railing under the Williamsburg Bridge have been knit upon.  I couldn't quite figure out what it said but upon googling I found that is done by Knitta Please and was a commissioned piece.  Very cool - feeling the love under the bridge.

 The Williamsburg Bridge.  Being a newbie to the area I was unaware at the number of bridges connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn and apparently this is one of three suspension bridges build across the East river.  The other two being the Brooklyn and Manhattan.


an interested reader... said...

i believe it is flower crab. look at the leaves. look familiar? your pics are fantastic! are you using your phone or camera?

an interested reader... said...

oops flowering crab,,,

Katherine Ross said...

Loving all these photos!

RARRAT said...

I love your portfolio! I wish i could hold it and examine every creative detail!