Thursday, April 12, 2012

here goes

Easter Sunday was quite lovely.  It involved an afternoon of drinks and tete-fete on the back patio.  Lexi's siblings, cousin, aunts, and uncle all came to the house for the afternoon.  A beautiful dinner was prepared by her Grandma.

 We raided the hat stash to keep the afternoon sun out of our eyes.  Bloody Marys are a family favorite - though I prefer a lighter mix.

 It was a festive family meal.

The next morning I boarded the 8:30 train into the city.  It takes about an hour to get downtown from Lexi's grandparents - but the time goes quickly.  In the hordes of business men and women that ride the train there is an understood silence.  It is understood that there will not be cellphone calls and disruptive people will be chastised.  I don't mind at all.

 I arrived at Penn Station - just a few blocks from work - a bit early so I took a moment to pick up some stamps at the post office.

 It was quite stunning.  The marble floors and beautiful windows were amazing.  I do love the Post Office.

When I made it to the building were I work I took the elevator up.

 It is on the twenty-first floor with spectacular views of the city on both sides of the office.

I spent the day becoming acquainted the company, coworkers, products and various systems of filing/storage.  It was quite refreshing to be able to spend my whole day surrounded by such amazing fabrics and fibers.  As I worked on my projects I heard the workings of the company in the background and discussions using all the jargon I had learned in school.  It's like that first bike ride after a long winter - you're not sure if you even remember how but after the first couple of pumps you are getting the hang of it and marveling at how wondrous things look from a behind the handle-bars.  Not to say there won't be sore muscles along the way - I'm quite certain I have a large learning curve to overcome but I'm quite excited to be doing it.
 At the end of the day - I caught the train "home" again.

 I am quite enjoying mass transit.  When everyone is in a car you see them as vehicles but here everyone has a face, a story.  They are all going in the same direction on such different paths.  Plus it is nice to have that time of nothingness to get in a little correspondence  or reading.

 I saw this stitched pillow in a shop window in Babylon and find it quite a beautiful interpretation.

 Speaking of beautiful - I am so very looking forward to the day when this schnoz is giving me cold nudge to wake me up in the morning.  I don't sleep very well these days without her.

At least I have found some pretty flowers along the way to keep me company.

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