Sunday, March 11, 2012


I can't believe we are ten days into March already.  Tonight is the first time I have sat down to open my computer since last Tuesday (and that was a brief glance).  Life has been non-stop these past few weeks.

 Every once and a while I get to walk to work (be at teaching or reporting).  That is when I am grateful for sunny days and try to soak in all the sweeping fields that I can.

 At the restaurant the other day I was offered a chicken's foot.  Being that I have never been offered that before I gave it a shot.  After a few nibbles I decided that chicken claws are not for me.  But I'll add that to the list of carnivorous adventures: seal, caribou, chicken feet - check.

 Evenings that I'm not at the restaurant (which isn't very often) I've been watching the spring musical come together.  I may have mentioned that the show is Footloose.  It is going to be SO great!  What an amazing show to be my last.  The cast is about sixty students strong and it just amazes me that all of them WANT to be there and are excited to learn and try the new dances.  The choreographer is a fun guy and father of four.  At the last practice the kids came with him and helped keep the mood playful. 

 When Zachary wasn't on stage he played tag and hide-n-seek with the kids.

 Ususally the guys get some really great dance scenes and I know in the past the ladies have been wishing for their own.  In this show they sure get it.  They are doing jumps and lifts and all sorts of great stuff.  There are quite a few gymnasts on cast and the finale has some tumbling as well as some guys vaulting over one another.  

 I had to slide in this fantastic view of South Elkhart Street I snapped while on my way to paint set Saturday morning.  Those Maple trees are so pretty and regal.

A few afternoons this week I came home from school to find the pups in their usual afternoon naps.  One of those afternoons I was pulled into the driveway and just had to take a little nap in the car with the warm sunshine.  That is on my short list of favorite things (as is taking walks).

I expect life to become even more harried as I prepare for the big move.  My plane takes me to the City on March 27th.  Between now and then there are very few days but many happy moments to experience.  I have determined that my life in the City will start soon enough and to let my energies be focused on the present.  Thank you for all your love and prayers.

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