Monday, December 26, 2011

merry, merry happy

I don't know about you but I'm ready for a good nap after all the excitement of Christmas weekend.

Al and I started the holdiay off right with a Sardine fest for lunch at the shop on Friday.  We had two tins all to ourselves being that nobody else wanted in on it.

After work Friday, Zachary and I went to do a little last minutes shopping.  After three stores he was sitting in the isle and we had to take a Naked juice timeout to recuperate before returning to the car to go home.  My favorite is Mighty Mango but I decided Green Machine would be more beneficial.  I had a difficult time finding the right gift for Zachary.  I wanted to get him a metal water bottle but was apprehensive about the made in China brands.  Bright and early Saturday morning Stella and I set out to find him a good bottle.  I settled on a plastic Nalgene bottle because it was made in the US.

Saturday was the first sunny day for I think a week and the mid-morning drive home from all the hustle and bustle was glorious.

I wrapped up the present and added it to the pile.  Jason and Stella stand guard.  

In lieu of wrapping paper I used paper grocery sacks.  Whenever possible I always ask for paper and the stash turned out to just the right amount.  The weight of the paper made them perfect for wrapping.

We finally found the star shaped stocking hangers and they looked spot on with the nativity figurines Mom has had for years.  I also loved all the family's Christmas cards.  Cards from loved ones, a reminder of Christ's birth and all family names together on stockings made it quite a fitting representation of all the important aspects of the celebration.

Speaking of stockings, once again this year the stockings were MIA so I decided to do something about it and whip up one for everyone.  They are kind of skinny but it is very fitting because that way they all fit on the mantle.  The little ones were for the pups and kitty.

I would classify this Christmas as one of the most tiring - first place goes to the year I was in third grade and had the stomach flu having to sit out of two major extended family celebrations.  This was one of the first times I majorly contributed in event and meal planning.  Mom, Dad and I spend quite a few hours prepping this and that.  We also had the pleasure of having five of my Comino cousins (mom's sister children) join us for the holiday.  That took the attendance numbers to twelve. 

The table was pretty much full.  Though I think we could squeeze in a couple more, need be.

Dad's gingerbread masterpiece was once again a centerpiece.  Please note that the gummy lifesavers on the side didn't make it through the main course.  

Christmas morning came too soon as I had stayed up until too late finishing up Lewis' gift.

Cara, my eleven year cousin, also gave her brother a hand-made gift.  His name made out of Popsicle sticks.  It was one of my favorites of the morning.

Lewis loved his gift.  He had requested a Beanie Beard and so I made him a customized red beard with accented mustache.  I don't think he has taken it off since it was unwrapped.

I'm pretty pumped about my Babycakes cook book from dad and the blender from the brothers.  Mom gave me the cutest little locket and I also have two new cds to liven up my listening. 

Dad, Mom, J, Quinton and I spent the afternoon hashing out a jigsaw puzzle while the brothers played with their new toys and napped. 

We took in a matinee performance of War Horse and went home for a dinner of home-made pizza.

Shaun tried his hand at tossing the dough and all Quinton and Cara helped top all the pies.  There were ten in total.

I managed to convince every one that a group photo by the town tree was necessary.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend spent with family on such a joyous occasion as the celebration of my savior's birth.  There was much love and I'm so grateful to get to share it with you.


Lizzie said...

I love your stockings! Long and skinny with stripes couldn't be more perfect. I had never heard of BabyCakes, but I'm pretty sure I need their whole collection of cookbooks now! Your group photo is great - so glad you convinced everyone to get one. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Once again you just put all the right words to a wonderful weekend and Christmas. Thank you Sharon!!