Friday, December 30, 2011

furry friends

It has been a fun week with cousins Shaun and Cara visiting.  We've done fun things like learn to stitch and weave and watch movies and make applesauce.  I have also enjoyed the company of their little pup Daisy.  (I'd say we have a magnetism for canine guests.) Mom thinks the little teacup Maltese (I think) would be perfect for getting the dust out from under the couch and it is easy to see why.  I'm utterly devoted to my big black monster dog, but this tiny gal is quickly winning me over.

You can't really tell from this photo but she's all splayed out across my computer, almost cat-like.  

Stella warmed up to her and now tries to play with her, which is quite comical being that Stella probably has about 70 pounds on Daisy.  Stella will try to bat at Daisy and almost knock her over.  In retaliation Daisy will stand on her hind legs and paw at Stella's head which is nearly three-quarters of Daisy's whole body.  But Daisy takes the advantage by climbing on the couch which seems to work well until Stella climbs up to join her.  I'd say the best part is they share about the same activity level so naps all around!

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Lizzie said...

So cute! I like having one lap dog and one big dog. It just seems to work well :)