Thursday, December 8, 2011


The sun was shining today.

I've been working on what I like to call Christmas cheer (aka gifts).  It feels great to be making things again.  My desk is still a pile of stuff from the re-paint and it would make it much easier to use if I actually organized and cleared it off.  Oh, well.

Zachary wrestled tonight, winning his match.  The opposing team was a tough and only Zac and one of his teammates one their matches.  Watching the meet always makes me so nervous.  The guys just put each other through so much pain and it is almost tangible.  But I'm always so proud to see my brother wrestle because he works so hard and has attained such an incredible control of his body and ultimately manipulating it to defeat his opposition.  This is the third season I will get to watch him compete.  The difference from his freshman year is truly remarkable.  That doesn't keep me from covering my eyes and grabbing at my non-existent hair out of nervousness during his matches.

little things:
1. notes of praise written by a kind reader on the Tribune's subscription renewal form
2. subscription renewals because they are readers way of saying, "you do a good job! Keep up the good work." Validation is lovely.
3. coming home for lunch and finding encouragement in reading a bit of Jesus' prayer in Gathsemane from the open Bible laying on the kitchen counter
4. visiting with Dick and Carol this afternoon
5. the hug Carol when I told her about my developing future plans
6. gingerbread man cookies with my afternoon tea
7. stitching on my machine with four pretty roses as my back drop
8. my re-affirmed love for Billie Holiday
9. my morning email from the daily love and feeling its resonance in my life (gratitude to Lexi for signing me up for it)
10. the resident family (five of us) in the kitchen post meet being goofy and expressing the mutually awkward aspects we find in watching wrestling (and Zachary's actual participation) as a whole

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Abby said...

can i just say how much i love the relationship you and your family has? it's so genuine and sweet. i just... i love it.

Merry Christmas, Sharon!

(b the dubs... your hair? AMAZING. just know that)