Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a ride in the [family] van

 I loved the naked trees against the strange sunset.  Bare trees are so beautiful.

Zachary is the proud owner of a circa 1993 Toyota van.  Our family has an affinity for Toyotas and we own just about every model.  When everyone is home it turns into quite a used import lot.  Sam arrived home from Chicago early this evening and we needed to make a run to Nappanee so we all piled in Zachary's van.  The six of us, Mom and Stella.

We haven't been in a van like this since the family Astro finally called it quits in '04.

Stella was just having a blast with her favorite people all piled into her other favorite activity - riding in cars.  We were all reeling from Zachary's excessively swift turns.  Lewis, Josiah, and I dominated the back seat and were so silly I couldn't breathe from laughter.  At the grocery store I felt very safe and very short walking around with my large brothers.  At 5'11'' J is the shorty.

For the rest of the night the house was full.  I was busy chopping for tomorrow while mom and J whipped up some pumpkin pies.  The kitchen is still buzzing as the annual all-night bake-a-thon happens.  Dad will fill the kitchen table with iced ginger cookies.  The three youngest brothers are all huddled up on the couch comparing notes about this game or that game.  It's funny how they've grown up but to me it's like they are still all huddled around their action figures imagining away the day.  I love it.

little things:
1. waking up to all the beds full
2. sipping afternoon tea with dick and carol
3. sitting on Jude's stairway as we commiserate and she bakes
4. catching that early winter silhouetted sunset
5. saying "sam will be home in a little bit" a few seconds before he walks through the door
6. the joy of sharing family gossip
7. piling in the the van with all the brothers and mom and stella
8. a stranger yelling "get a life" to Josiah as he stood in the van's open moon roof at the store and him yelling back "I already have one thank you very much"
9. the whole family sitting down in the living room and feeling like we are missing someone - that means we are ready for more members
10. never sleeping alone

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving with enjoyment, good food, rest and great company. 

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sigh... so well and beautifully said....