Tuesday, November 22, 2011

rainy days are the best

 Roses clipped from the secret garden a few weeks back that I gave to Carol
I, mistakenly, thought they would be the last.

little things:
1. seeing the red roses still budding outside the window by my desk at work
2. the excitement that burst over Stella when I mentioned we were going to see Atticus
3. commiserating with the check-out guy how grumpy the lady was in front of me (humorously so)
4. when Rachel and I both thought at the same moment that we needed rice with dinner
5. chowing down on Rachel's amazing curry and giggling with Josh when she left the room because we love her so 6. watching dad pile ingredients on to the scale as he made dough for iced ginger cookies
7. having the kitchen nearly full of brothers (we're still holding out for Sam due to arrive late, late tomorrow)
8. coming home to find my baby brother entertaining friends in my apartment and then being lulled to sleep by Halo gun-fire and the sound of Stella snores


Lizzie said...

Sounds like a most wonderful day . . . with more like it to come!

Maggard said...

iced ginger cookies???? pleeeeeaassseee!!