Wednesday, November 30, 2011


 What's it like? Well, sometimes I pass more cows by the road than cars on the road. I can hear planes flying over, but they are mostly crop dusters. The deer family that lounge in the back yard of my neighbors, Mr and Mrs H, are the talk of the town. It's a small town - constantly living in a unknowing state. Not sure why it exists but not quite ready to completely fade away. Like a field barn it cuts its presence into the landscape and leaves folk guessing at its purpose. At one time it existed as a refuge, a point to stop on a journey. It is eight miles from the other fading towns. These towns are spaced like this because for the team of horses. When a horse and carriage took to the road it could go about eight miles before it need freshening up. Now cars zip about and get rather annoyed when they meet up with a horse and carriage on their road.

The decline of the small businessperson takes with it the small town. It has been in degrade for about half a century now. Will business cease here? Will we develop into a "sleeper community" where neighbors pull into their garages and never say hello after their commute home? It sure looks like it, but I believe the development could curb.

I like this small town. In all our current connectedness there is still something to be said for the art of small talk and keeping up with people who you've slept fifty feet from your entire life. Growing flowers and sharing with your neighbor. Exchanging recipes, leftovers, or borrowing a cup of sugar. Watering their flowers while they are away and keeping an eye on things. That same eye that busted you as a kid when you climbed on the roof to play chimney sweep just like Mary Poppins. Being able to ride your bike about town and leave it unlocked on a sidewalk while you buzz in for a can of coke that doesn't cost more than a jawbreaker.

I have a tendency to notice things ofter overlooked or unappreciated. I plan on stocking this barn full of just that.

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