Thursday, November 24, 2011

one great-full day

Tonight I can say whole heartedly I am grateful to be going to bed early.  It was such a full and amazing day.

It began early as the family piled in the car for the I'm Thankful 4 run.  Dad and Josiah and I'm not sure who else didn't sleep last night.  Dad was baking.  This all-night bake-a-thon has become as much of a tradition as he items he prepares.

 We all did four miles.  Zachary and Lewis ran it (Zac finishing in 26 minutes, I think) and the rest of us walked it.  It was a good time.

Back home, Mom and I prepped the few remaining foods to take to Aunt Roxanne and Uncle Paul's house.  

 Once again the counter was full of good food and there was plenty to be had by all.  Notice the creamy kale, millet salad in the bottom of the picture.  Quite a few family members gave it a try and I think it went over very well.  Considering it had all the traditional family favorites to content for plate space with I think it held its own.

A new tradition of playing Apples to Apples has begun.  I think we have played it for about four years now.  At one point we had 11 player in on the action.   One of the interesting things is seeing how my youngest cousins (present) Shawn and Cara have started to figure out what some of the adjectives and nouns mean.  They still have quite a bit of trouble with historical or cultural figures but it neat to see them understand more.

One of my favorite things about this Thanksgiving was enjoying the newest addition to the family - little Maggie.  She is the two month old daughter of my cousin Peter and his wife Sheila.  It was just so nice to have a baby at a family gathering again and so special to see Peter as a dad.  They are such good parents and she was one happy baby.  Oh, and a red-head - that makes three in the family now!

little things:
1. awesome yellow sunglasses in the goodie bags from the run
2. having Rachael Hall walk with us - and the very happy big brother that results from her presence
3. getting just the right amount of time to prep and pack all the food and people this morning
4. spending time chatting with my cousins Emma and Helen
5. holding sleeping Maggie and starring at the wonder that is that tiny little person
6. being with my cousins and aunties and uncles - there certainly is nothing like family
7. eating pumpkin pie thanks to my Aunt Cindy who made it with soy milk
8. being able to enjoy all sorts of awesome food thanks to my dear Rachel and Mom and their sans dairy cooking skills (if it weren't for them I'd have had an empty plate - instead I'm stuffed)
9. the two cashmere sweaters and the application their wearers had for them
10. seeing the fruits (especially pineapple) and veggies disappear from the trays I brought

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Lizzie said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm so glad your creamy millet & kale and veggie trays were enjoyed by all. I would love to taste some of that Telschow dairy free cooking!