Monday, October 24, 2011

canon fire and tomahawks

Saturday, I swung by to pick up my new friend Janelle and we headed over to the Gathering at Five Metals.  It was a chilly morning but the sun was quickly warming things up so much so that we left our coats in the car.

I had never attended such an event before and was very interested to see what it would have.

Immediately, I was so happy to see the tents.  Any time a good draping of canvas is taking place I'm pretty thrilled.

At the metal smith's tent we each picked out a little copper whistle.

 There were tents with trades people demonstrating, usually along with a little display for their wares.  The photos are a wood lathe, spinning wheel, dye pots and camp site.  I love those packages all wrapped up in the above photo.  I was quite impressed with some of the merchandising.  Jars of this or that.  Balls of threads.  WoolensPouches and haversacks of wrought leather.  All the garments were complete with hand-stitching and natural fibers adored.  Yum.

The chief was giving a talk about his people before the french traders arrived.  Down the river there were pirates and guys shooting off canons.  The sound waves made our legs vibrate.  It was intense.

Janelle convinced me to have a go at tomahawk throwing.  After chucking it at the log a few times I finally cracked one in.  Janelle was really good, she was a scout.

I was as happy as a clam.


Lizzie said...

That looks like such a neat event! I've never seen anything like it. Your outfit is super cute too :)

Katherine Ross said...

What?!?! This looks so awesome. In New Paris of all places... who knew. I'm definitely going to drag Chris there next year :) and I'm so jealous of your copper whistle... she has wonderful curves.

Anonymous said...

how fun! I just love those little sheep.

RARRAT said...

I think we(you actually, I'll just show up) should invite Janelle to another outing sometime soon, she seems pretty cool