Friday, September 16, 2011

windy city weekend #2

I came back from Chicago the first weekend to a family barbeque.  It was the first time I saw Rachel since she had been on her honeymoon in Iceland.  I was very glad to see her.  Rachel, Whitney and I took a little walk after dinner.  Whitney really wanted to walk in the cornfield and it just so happened that there was a path paved through the field for us to take it was lovely.  It was one of those first days it started to feel like fall.

 Whit is from Colorado and grew up with mountains, not corn fields.  We taught her the fine art of squishing kernels off the cobs.

 There was a lovely caterpillar crossing the road.

 He became the subject of our attentions.

Last Sunday, Rachel, Whit, Kitty and I hopped into the car and headed up to Renegade Handmade in Chicago.  We got there just a few minutes before it opened for the day and who do we see first off but non other than the lovely Despina.  She was peddling her wears (quite well, I might add) and it was so nice to have her smile and hug to welcome us.

 There were over 400 vendors lining Division Street.  There was so much to see.

Kat got to letterpress in a mobile letterpress studio.  I think she was having a good time!  Also, her print was the best one there.

Being early had its perks: no line for the photo booth!  The apple cider I'm holding was delicious.  I was super excited for the first cider of the season...yum!

I had such a fun time and was thrilled for such a great excuse to hang out with some of my favorite peoples.  I'm so lucky.

I really like going to Renegade to stock up on postcards and card.  These are my favorite booths:

The Treehouse print at Tugboat's booth immediately took me back to childhood and plotting with my big brother to build a three story tall tree house in the back yard.  We had the floor plans and everything.  X

Ryan Kapp's winter Chicago print really struck me.  The other three are beautiful but the magnificence of the winter stillness is the best.  X

The tea towels at Nourishing Notes reminded me of some of my favorite ladies and our food.  I have to agree with their website's tag line.  X

I picked up a few stationary samples from kinaloon's stand.  They screenprint their cards, something I'd like to give a go.  The reindeer and another humorous one that I have stashed back for the perfect occasion.  X

My absolute favorite of the day was the collection of dolls and mobiles made by Hillery Sproatt.  The stitching was draw-droppingly beautiful and so tiny.  The detail in every piece made my heart skip a beat.  Hands-down my top pick.  X

The prints of oneCANOEtwo had such a fun linear quality.  I love the illustrations.  Checking out their website I found out their studio is in the third floor of a red barn!  Jealous!  X

And I can't forget my absolute favses...DESPINA!  She made the best animal/figure shaped chalkboards ever and her stitched stationary was out of this world.


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