Sunday, September 25, 2011

trekking in the rain

It's raining. 
Even though it is knitting season aka football season, I haven't gotten a single thing knit.  During Friday night's game it was more important to hold the blanket over my head during the spitting rain.

 And during Saturday morning's game holding the umbrella and my yarns would have been a challenge.  It was a challenge to keep my backside dry.  I was unsuccessful at that task.

 Mom and dad look super cute watching Zac play.  He did great and got good and dirty.  They won both games by over thirty points.

 After the game was over we hopped in the car and trekked it up to Greyslake.  Sam just moved up there and we took a moving truck to things up to him.  Lucky us, Dad drove the truck.  J caught up with his friend from college, Zac read his book, and I caught up on my neglected knitting (with Icelandic wool thanks to Rachel and Josh) while catching up with my good friend from college. :)

It didn't take long to get Sam's things moved in and situated.  His lovely Laura was there too.   

We all went out to dinner together at a restaurant called Asian Bowl.  Greyslake is north of Chicago (almost to Wisconsin) but close enough to have that variety of cuisine which is so lacking in Wakarusa. 
On the menu was seaweed salad.  Naturally, I had to give it go.  It came with a ginger sauce that was delicious.  The stuff on my fork had an unexpected texture.  I enjoyed it all.  The green slimy looking one on the bottom was most definitely my favorite.  Jason's Pad Thai was my other favorite.

After dinner we were lucky enough to catch Sam's boss at the shop where Sam's work and she gave us a complete tour.   Sam works at an Industrial Design model shop and we were given a first class tour of their facilities by the owner.  Dad and J loved seeing all the cnc machines.  It was really interesting to go through the whole process of how the models are made.  We had a discussion the drive home on how exactly things are screen printed on models.  Maybe Sam can answer that question for us next time we see him.

This afternoon, after a lazy morning, I went to do some stitching with Jude.  She let me raid her fabric stash for scraps and when I got home I immediately went to work on baby quilts.

 I've got the tops all pieced.  The backs are also done, but I'm still not 100% on those yet.  Next will be the quilting part.  This coming week will be prime quilting weather.  Rain, rain, rain and a high of 67F.  It looks like maybe by Friday we'll get a sunny day - hopefully no more wet games.


Lizzie said...

Yay for the baby quilts! Is that your sewing machine? It's pretty scary looking. I don't remember seeing it when I was at your place.

Maggard said...

baby quilts?! :) I'm dying to try that seaweed salad too!!