Wednesday, September 28, 2011

indoor activity

Remember last week when it was raining?

Monday we had the afternoon like this and it has been raining ever since.  This is Pierce Road the inspiration for my quilt in progress.

This was Tuesday's view working on this week's edition.  On the upside the plants are super happy with the cool wet weather and when the sun comes out I'll be up to my ears in roses!

As I was sitting working on the paper that afternoon I heard a voice that made my heart skip a beat (it seriously jumped for joy).  It was Susie!   She is in town visiting her sister with friend Rita.  It was so great to see her.  I managed to weasel my way into her Tuesday night plans and Laura and I spent the evening at the old Marker homestead having tea was some of my favorite ladies.

I made a batch of Lizzard's banana breakfast cookies to take for tea. 

Ironically, we made some of the same substitutions in our batches.  They ended up being oatmeal raisin banana walnut cookies.

I've had a few sewing projects underway of late and so my studio corner is littered with fiber, fabric scraps and scissors.  I picked up the pile of scraps I've had sitting around since I pieced the aforementioned quilt.  I thought I'd just start stitching them together and see what happened.

This is what ended up happening.

I've been wanting a bag just carry my sketchbook, pen, wallet and hands-free headset (safe(r) driver).  These scraps of feed sacks just seemed to fit the bill.

How I attached the straps.  Sewing unapologetic black lines is my fav!

Big ol' mother of pearl button.

There was about two seconds this afternoon where I thought a walk would have been in order but then it started to drizzle again.

So I went back to sewing. There was some more scraps so made a second bag.

These pieces had some holes.  Naturally, I embellished the blemish with some patches.  I'm in love with this pattern of droopy lily of the valley.  One of my favorite flowers.

Looking at them now I'm totally getting a Postal Service Air Mail vibe.  Maybe they need a finishing touch stamp?


Lizzie said...

Your scrap bags are awesome and totally have a Postal Service feel to them. Your banana breakfast cookies turned out so much better looking than mine. Yum. So glad you liked them!

Katherine Ross said...

Red piping and contrasting stitching. Love, love, love.

Michelle Schneider said...

i agree with Katherine! ooohh but a stamp would be nice...where would you put it?