Thursday, August 25, 2011

obsessed and excited

As I mentioned on my birthday post I got an iphone.  I'm obsessed and completely amazed with this tiny contraption.  It was way awesome to have the little box for snapshots all during wedding weekend and I'm loving the ability to google at a whim.  This afternoon I downloaded a blogging app, which is how I posted my video earlier.  I'm having a good time with it. 

Seeing the need to give it a protective case I followed the link on Kitty's blog and decided to design my own.  This was also after seeing the price of cases and realizing that if I'm going dish the cash I better make it good.  After hemming and hawing over what I wanted (because it could be ANYTHING) I finally just started gathering materials together and started stitching.  This is what I designed.

The lace is from France (Lexi sent it to me) and the pearl buttons are from my great-grandma's button jar.  I stitched it all on an old hankie and scanned it with a black board behind it to get a greyish background. Hopefully, the design will wrap around the edges - that was my intention anyway.

According to the UPS track it will arrive tomorrow by the end of the business day.

My other favorite new obsession with the phone is redeeming all those free song cards in Starbucks.

I also love that it came with the hand-free headphones.

I leave you with this 3 second video:

By the way, this is Stella's total M.O.  She is constantly letting herself in and out of the house.  It just so happens that our doors have lever handles.  We have to lock the doors to keep the dogs in.  I was sitting on the couch by the door when I heard the door handle turn, I thought it was Jason, I was quite surprised when Stella sauntered in the house alone.  I knew she could open the doors but I didn't realize at how smoothly she could accomplish this.  I wanted to see if she would do it again so mom shoved her out the front door and what do you know she did.


Lizzie said...

That's the perfect cover for you!

Katherine Ross said...

I love it so much! And with that delivery time, maybe I'll get to see the real deal on Saturday :) I think I may splurge on one soonish.