Saturday, July 2, 2011

cruising Goshen

Last night was First Friday in downtown Goshen.  It's a big block party for the town.  They like to have themes for each month and this one was Cruising.  

Back when my dad was growing up, and prior, cruising in downtown Goshen used to be a REALLY big much so that they banned it.  It caused huge traffic problems but it also was this huge social thing.  All the teenagers when to Goshen to hang out and just cruise in their cars.  Here is an interesting article from the New York Times written in 1982 about cruising in Goshen.   The First Friday committee has revived this bygone pasttime into an annual event and reason for everyone to break out the turtle wax and fill up their gas-guzzlers.   A lot of the folks were cruising in the same cars they cruised in as kids.

Rachel and Josh invited me to watch the festivities from the second story office where Josh works.  It was great because the streets were PACKED.  I felt like I was in the City but everyone was slow as can be meandering down the street chatting with eachother.  I was pretty relieved when I arrived at Josh's office and got off the street full of people. 

 It was great kicking back and watching the show with an elevated (air-conditioned) view of all the cars.  Also awesome to be out of the old car exhaust.  Ick.

 Rach fixed up a great dinner and we all had a great time hanging out, guessing the makes of the cars, and picking out our dreamboats.

 Cars still had to obey the stop light in the middle of the two block main drag.  That helped people not to have to play frogger to cross the streets.  It also gave the muscle cars the opportunity to gun their engines.

 A good little selection.  I'd love to take a ride in the yellow beauty.

 One of Josh's co-workers had his '64 boat out for the night and he, his wife, and daughter let Josh and I jump in for a ride.  It was great.  I love riding in the back of old convertibles.  It's second only to a dogsled.

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