Sunday, May 15, 2011

a full house beats all

The Telschow household is full tonight.  Samuel and Josiah are home from college.  Josiah having completed his sophomore year and Samuel having completed his degree in Industrial Design.  Yesterday, we all were at Purdue to watch Sam receive his diploma.  It was a great day.

It started quite early.  The high school brothers had their final performance of "The Robe" on Friday evening so Mom, Josiah and I were in attendance.  Dad and J had went ahead to Purdue Friday afternoon to get Sam all packed up and to see our cousin George graduate.  George is an electrical engineering major.  He and Sam were roomies until Sam became an RA.  Mom, Josiah, Lewis, Zachary and I hit the road around four am Saturday morning.  

 This face says it all.  After a few doughnut from Laura, Sam's lovely girlfriend, and a brisk walk across campus Zachary perked right up.

 Every senior that graduates from Purdue while living in the residence halls gets a small plaque with their name engraved placed on the door. Sam was sure to include the name that all of his residents referred to him as - Mom.

 The camera operator zoomed in on Sam waiting in line for the procession.  That was quite nice of them.

 Zachary and Lewis thought that family members waving at their graduates were hysterical and had to mimic them EVERY time they saw someone else doing it.  Never a dull moment with my brothers.

 Josiah scans the crowd of grads to see the creative embellishments of the caps.  That's our brother Josiah for you.  Such an oblivious ham.

 He is so coordinated...he can get his diploma and walk and chew gum.

 Sam is that speck center stage mid fist pump.

 My so very handsome brothers.

 The graduates Sam and George, the student Josiah, the future student Lewis, the Alum Jason, and the cool guy Zachary.

 Samuel and his lovely lady Laura.  What a nice time I had getting to hang out all morning with Laura.

 The best!  All the brothers and me.  As you can tell we really like our black rimmed glasses.  Twenty years from now our kids will look at this picture and think one - the only kind of glasses we cold buy were black rimmed and two - we were/are total dorks.

 Family shot!  Christmas card worthy.

 Me and the goof ball...I mean graduate.

 Sneak peak at six years in the future.

 Walking across campus to men (minus Sam).

Hmmm...this one has me stumped.

YAY Sam graduated!!!!

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