Wednesday, April 13, 2011

postcards from home...

I have gotten some super great photos from home while I have been up here.  There are a few that need to be shared.

 Rachel sent me this the first weekend I arrived.  Stella had a slumber party over at her house and was enjoying some great spring weather with her best pal Atticus.  Just look at that ear floating away and that wild gleam in her eye.  That is the "catch me if you can because you can't" look.

 Mom sent Dad and Stella on the sledding hill from this past weekend.  Stella is completely worn out from running up the hill, no doubt, and her ear is all crazy again.  What a pup.

I talked to Lewis for a few seconds on the phone and he mentioned that she "gets around" from bed to bed at night and will be super excited to see me.  Stella is a laying in the grass kind of girl and I'm sure is far more contented to be in the spring time than up in the great white north.

 Now we travel to the deep South and back about three years (to a REALLY bad hair day).  Christy sent these photos.  The first one is our old Fibers Department - Gordon Hall.  The second is of me presenting, I believe, either muffins or cookies to her during finals week.  I must have just gotten cleaned up from a shift at the ice cream shop - thus the crazy hair - and she was at Gorden screenprinting late that night, listening to Mika, no doubt.  What a memory.

Jude has also sent me some great photos of a wedding quilt she is working.  It is super awesome and will be beautiful.

This weekend is Toonik Tyme, the celebration of the return of the sun, and I am super excited.  There are all sorts of fantastic event scheduled for the whole weekend.  I'm hoping the weather warms up a bit.  Today was an indoor day with the temperatures at a balmy negative twelve Fahrenheit.  That is too cold, even for an arctic stroll. 

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Lizzie said...

I love that top photo of Stella! LOVE.