Friday, April 1, 2011

ottawa outing

After two great flights from South Bend yesterday I made it to Ottawa.  Once checked into my room I ventured out to go see the city.  Catching bus number 97 I made my way to Wellington Street.  There armed with my list of stops I found lunch at the Table restaurant were I especially enjoyed their Indian inspired dishes.  

 Wabi Sabi was a must after lunch.  This fiber shop was chocked full of yarns, weaving notions, and felting tools.  They even had a bucket full of silk cocoons with the dried worms still inside.

 Love those copper roofs!
 Gates outside the government buildings.  

 Street view of downtown.

 Dad: Now those are some gates!
 The side of the parliament buildings.

The head of the Rideau Canal.  Farther up the canal it makes the largest skating rink in the world at 4.8 miles long.  The Rideau waterway actually connects to the city of Kingston on the other side of Ontario - just a few miles from Amherst Island.

 I really loved the Paper shop and Natural Foods Market I stopped into.  They both had excellent selections and I will have to stop by in my return trip.

It was a great day in Ottawa with many drool inducing moments.   


Lizzie said...

It all looks drool inducing . . . minus the snow!

Maggard said...

I can't believe you got to visit Ottawa too! I've always wanted to...and it looks every bit as awesome as I imagine!