Monday, April 25, 2011

the caribou bones are flying

This morning I thought there must have been a billion planes taking off or people on their skidoos behind the house.  As it turns out it was the wind.  It is super windy today, not a cold wind wind like last weekend but very strong.  The word from Amy is when the wind is warm and strong and it starts to snow we could be in for a blizzard.  Wouldn't that be something.

It has been an amazing weekend.  I will share with you some of the great random inspirations from it.

 I should have known it would be with a sunset like that.

 Every time Maeve falls asleep while in the amauti I just get a kick out of it.  Here she is laying on the couch in a little nest.

 The trick is to get her out of the snowsuit and into her bed before she wakes up.

 Sunglasses are the coolest.

 Amy brought home a surprise for me last Thursday, caribou ribs.  I'm going to try a bit raw but the bulk will be boiled.  I think seal and caribou is a good sampling of local foods.

 Friday morning the family decorated Easter eggs.

 Love it!  Markers, dye, crayons, and watercolor were all used.

 This is Jonah.  He and his momma Shannon came over for dinner, it was a great time.  

 Saturday afternoon was a great day for a walk. I ventured up the hill behind all the houses that I really have wanted to climb up.  I love the way the houses sit on each flat ledge.

 This is on the other side of town and right were the houses stop the road continues and there is a new development, the third phase, being built along that road.  The piles have just been placed in the last few weeks.  There weren't there when I got here.

 The top of the hill... potential quilt?

 Stop sign down the street.  In English and Inuktitut.

 A few minutes later we headed out to Sylvia Grinell Park.  Amy hid chocolate Easter candy around the park for Lily to find.  There is river behind the me, though it is frozen and covered in snow right now.  There is also a water rapids that are pretty neat in the summer.

 I love the walk ways.  They remind me a little of the middle of mom's garden.
 This looks like a great picnic spot to me... on the top of the world.

 This is by far the best view of the whole city I have found.  You can really see how it just weaves its way over the rocks.
Standing here all there is to do is take a deep breath and inhale it all up.  

Never before have I felt as helpless to capture a moment or place in pictures or words as when I was standing at the top of these hills.  It is just unlike anything else.  I guess the words that keep coming to mind is -  "away from the things of man." 


Katherine Ross said...

JONAH! I want to squish him!!!

R said...

Yes definitely a potential quilt!

I love the picnic spot and caption :)

Really really fabulous shots love, just great!