Sunday, March 13, 2011

a visit from Vincent

A new character has been temporarily added to our menagerie of people and creatures. 

This is Vincent, a small soulful French Bulldog, fittingly named after the painter Vincent van Gogh.

Vincent is the pet of a friend and I am watching him for the week.  He came home with me this morning, arriving slightly before my last brother came home for spring break. Vincent is becoming situated though he was very taken aback when I scolded him for utilizing the houseplants for outdoor activities.  I can understand his confusion being that there are so many of them (which consist of normal outdoor varies) and they are so close to the big french doors.  He was hurt that I would scold him and briefly retreated outside.  It took a sweet consoling to bring him back indoors.  

Vincent is normally at home with four humans and four cats but today he suddenly had eight humans, two dogs, and one cat with whom to become acquainted.  The brothers loved him off the bat and found it very amusing to have a male dog (all ours are always female) and many jokes unfurled.  Stella was naturally quite accepting and initiated play, but Fred...Fred is still not too fond of our house guest.  Then again she was not to fond of Stella at first either but on third thought I can't say that she is too fond of anyone in particular at all.  Sweetie, our illusive black cat, did not take kindly to his presence and the hissing ensued as she retreated back into her cat room.  One could almost hear the swearing the fourteen year old mistress of the house was uttering, something like "not another one of those wretched creatures."  

Now little Vincent has found a true friend with Josiah and has become a cuddling companion to anyone who sits or lays on the couch.

 Stella, Jason, and Vincent...there is nothing like a Sunday nap.


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Lizzie said...

Vincent is so cute! He looks like a sweet little guy.