Monday, March 14, 2011

a piece of the pi

My youngest two brothers, Lewis and Zachary, were in a tissy Sunday(they'd kill me if they knew I used this word in relation to them, but they never read this so I'm not worried).  They were going on about how they had to make pies for school.  We are asking them why.  They explained that March 13th has been deemed Pi day by the math department.  3.14 (get it).  In celebration they signed up to bring pie to share with their math classes.  There was also some sort of fundraiser going on with proceeds going towards new batteries for graphing calculators and things like that.  The fundraiser let people vote with their quarters and get entered for a drawing that allowed the math teacher (or former math teacher) with the most votes to get smashed in the face with a pie by a lucky winner.  Apparently the principal used to be a math teacher and was the oh, so lucky winner.  I believe Lewis' calculus teacher also got a pie to the face.  Anyway I believe this all very clever and an interesting way to make math fun.  But more interesting were the pies, and by interesting I mean beautiful.

 Apple pie marked with the pi symbol.

 One of two pumpkin pies that unfortunately were made without one key ingredient...sugar.  There were quite a few disappointed high schoolers and a few disappointed brothers.

I was lucky enough to manage to slip into drama practice tonight where Zachary produced for me the very last slice of blueberry pie.  It was delicious.  Blueberry pie holds a special place in my heart.  When I was in France (round deux) there was a town movie showing called My Blueberry Nights.  The film had Norah Jones in it and was okay, but it featured blueberry pie a la mode and, oh man, I wanted blueberry pie for months after that.  Pie is just not something you will find very often in the south of France.  It's just not French.  My roommate consoled me with a jar of blueberry preserves she found at the supermarket but it was just not the same.  Tonight, three years later, I finally got that perfect slice of blueberry pie.

Today was a gorgeously sunny spring day.  Dad and I took the pups out back to play.  Vincent had us highly amused with his new favorite toy.

  The best part was when he would chase it around the big walnut tree in the back yard.  Around and around in circles.

He was super worn out later.  I found him curled up in the kitchen next to the corner or the refrigerator and my mom's slipper.

Also, I've never met a dog that snores as loud as Vincent.  He has the ability to wake me out of a dead sleep...not many things can claim that.

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Katherine Ross said...

... and now I'm craving a HUGE piece of blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream. my, that sounds heavenly!