Wednesday, March 16, 2011

beautiful day

Today was a beautiful day.  The sun was bright and fabulous.  Children were running around without coats.  I was quite amused to see them climbing on the still present remaining mounds of snow and dirt in parking lots of the Baptist church and at the park.  It was cute.

I was taking it all in.  Today it was nearly sixty degrees and tomorrow is slated to be even warmer. 

Me in a dog group huddle.

My dear Rachel came over with her main pooch Atticus.  Vin and Atticus were not the best of friends and it was amazing to see that suddenly Fred and Vin had this sense of camaraderie that had not yet manifested itself.  After dinner we had a family walk, gathering Zachary from church along the way.  Four pups and nine humans walking the sidewalks of Wakarusa...when we go for a walk it is a parade.

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Katherine Ross said...

i love love love that photo :)