Monday, February 14, 2011

a day for lovers

Today is Valentine's Day, one of my favorite holidays.  Love, red, lace and hearts abound.  Though it is so much fun to make and decorate for there is an even more important reason for me to love it.  

Today is Stella's birthday!  That pup is now four.  She has been my constant companion, protector, bed warmer, and reason to smile since she was seven weeks old.  Though I will admit she has devoured her share of things I love and the first few months were rough going, none of the things were loved as much as she and I wouldn't trade her for the world.  

That face!  It just says to me "Mom, you're embarrassing me."  LOVE!

She's always my Valentine!


Lizzie said...

Your hair is so long! Can't wait to see you . . . hopefully we can work out a good time!

R said...

Happy Day after your Birthday Stella!

love, Auntie Rachel