Thursday, January 27, 2011

sinking in

Winter is good.  Good for making me focus on things that I normally forget about doing around the house.  Good for working on those projects that I've wanted to get done forever but haven't gotten around to it.  

But alas, February is a mere four days away and the charm of winter is wearing.  Mostly I have only these three complaints - I will state them so they will be stated and I may leave them here.  

1. No sunshine for days.  I can not remember when the last fully sunny day was.  
2. Cold.  I am having a very difficult time in keeping my body at an adequate temperature.  I has been suggested that I should bump up my calorie intake - but it is difficult when there is just so little that I want to eat.
3. Not taking Stella for walks.  (This one kind of goes with #2.)  The combination of cold and snow and ice is not conducive to walking my dear pup.  She so is ready for it, but even the Stella gets cold.

There you have it.  My winter gripes.

From now on I will try to make the most of these dark months...but the reality of it is most of the time I just end up watching movies.

I can't just list grumps without an even greater number of positives.

1. Eating half the "personal sized" watermelon while staring out at the snow-covered back yard.  It was delicious.
2. My taxes are done - a million thank yous to dear Uncle Karl.
3. Spending an evening with Aunt Patti and Rachel.
4. The tin of Badger Balm that has cured me of the cracked and bleeding knuckles that usually plague my winters.  This I owe to Rachel for giving me the best stuff ever.
5. Having the culmination of almost every evening be the whole family gathered around the kitchen counter shooting the breeze.
6. Driving mom and dad's Prius which is so small that I can clear snow off the entire windshield from one side of the car.
7. After nearly four years of life together Stella has finally figured out which side of the bed is hers.
8. Citrus fruit...and my surprising newly developed fondness for grapefruit.
9. Hot tea.
10. The three pairs of Smartwool socks I was given for Christmas.
11. My electric bed warmer.
12. Valentine's Day is soon!

There...I have at least four time as many things of which to be thankful.  What more could I want for in life?


Anonymous said...

stella and fred's birthday are soon too!(Feb 14 as well)

Maggard said...

Do you love Valentine's Day as much as me? It seems like you might! :)