Monday, January 31, 2011

oh, Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden Sun...

Sunday turned out to actually be a sunny day.  I couldn't take it anymore so I laced up my biggest boots over my wooliest socks, threw on my long red coat, wrapped my neck in a big flannel scarf and tugged on my hat and gloves. With a whistle to the pups we were out in the snow.  

It was actually a warm day, I noticed that today as I walked into work the pavement was pavement and not the usual layer of ice with snow mashed into any open crevasses. 

The pups favorite activity, aside from general running, is chasing after this deflated basketball.  We actually have about three deflated basketballs laying around.  Fred likes me to kick it.  She'll stand there and bark at it until it is airborne. It's fun to kick a little snow at her too - you would enjoy this activity if you ever met her.
Dead fly on the snow.  Interesting.

Icicles from the garage gutter.  Too high to reach.
Hoof prints from the herd of deer we had munching on our garden the other night.  Their prints and rabbit prints are all over.  Half the prints in the yard of from them and half from the pups and I.
Here is were the deer headed through the neighbor's pines on their usual route.
Tracks in the snow have to be one the best parts of having snow.
Plants dried up in the garden.  I love the shadows and lines they make.
Those critters must be getting hungry because they ravaged the yucca plants.
Icicles on the wild grapevine on the side of the big house.
According to commercials icicles may be a sign of insulation issues but I just think they are beautiful and wish they were within reach.

Running around in the snow was a super good time.  The snow isn't slippery so I didn't have to worry about falling and it had just the right cush so it was like running on the moon!  It reminded me exactly of the Berenstain Bears On the Moon.  I wanted to gather some moon dust into a pouch to take home, but I knew that it would all just melt inside anyway.  I took photographic documentation instead.  But outside all the "moon dust" is sticking around for quite some time.  In fact, according to the known-to-fib-often weather people we may get a few FEET of snow in the coming week.  YIKES! 

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Lizzie said...

I LOVE all of these photos, especially the one of the dead fly. That is super weird. Your beautiful photography of the winter wonderland almost makes me want to be there - almost :)