Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Today has been muchly filled with the presence of two 50+ pound dogs, massive amount of fur and schedule following that goes along. My aim for the week is too clean up the apartment and also to relax and prepare for the new school term which is fast approaching. Also approaching would be Tropical Storm Hanna. I've heard mumblings of her pending presence and talks of preparing for a hunker down or evacuation. Apparently there are folks with reservations in Macon. This is due to the initial projection that Hanna would strike straight on Savannah but now it appears that she will strike at North Carolina. Tomorrow will bring a better picture of the developments.

Speaking of developments and storms - I have been following the politics a bit lately. More like today I have been obsessing. With the announcement of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate I have been quite intrigued to learn more of this lady and of the two opposing sides in general. So far I am quite impressed with Mrs. Palin - she is a reforming politican as well as a mother of five and soon to be grandmother. She has quite a lot on her plate and would be a wonderful example for little girls for year to come.

Plus, I know for a fact Tina Fey will do a remarkably good impersonation of her on SNL - so I am a little excited to see that.

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