Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Too much talk of politics and too much doom and gloom. Concern of where that plastic container will sit in the earth for the rest of time far outlasting my human body. This is all a bit too incredible for me. Maybe it is time to go visit Grandma.

Often the talks with people I have not caught up with in a while lead to the "do for the rest of your life" question. And it always makes me think and wonder what it really is that I want to do for the rest of my life.

I think that maybe I want to be a bird or a squirrel. I'll gather and flitting from here to there. Doing and seeing what needs to be done and saw. But then I will still myself for a time of peace and patience. I know that now is that time to gather and prepare. Nuggets of knowledge, moments of wonder and beauty, bits of ideas, goals, and friendships are being stashed away to be saved in my pocket for the right moment, the right challenge. It is coming and gaining upon me fast.

But also in the moment of future contemplation I know I do not want and will not do anything ordinary. God has made me a completely unique person just as he has made every being that was and is to come. An incredible thought. Thusly I know God has this completely unique and amazing plan for this charmed life given to me.

In the seriousness of matters I know I do not wish to be another promoter of consumerism. I do wish to speak for those with no voice of their own. I wish to listen I wish to learn and be ever so patient for those moments am being prepared for. A task I am so unworthy of but have non the less been given the power to complete.

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