Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It has not been too horrendous here for the past couple of weeks. Not too hot, yet. And lovely evenings. I generally spend the hours as the sun sinks in the dog park - it has a great view and everyone hangs out there in the evenings.

Hurricane Bertha doesn't seem to be getting that trip to Bermuda she wanted. Poor girl.

Classes are okay. I must focus more on studying. It is difficult to take lecture classes. I am so used to studios where I learn by doing and with these too it is completely fact consumption. Making things more challenging.

I have the bolt of natural linen I bought at JoAnn's the other day sitting there. What will it become? There are many possibilities. The main thought I have now is for my portfolio pieces. It was a tremendous sale and I bought for a third of the normal price.

The other day I ordered design software. Meaning that I will be designing more patterns (even though I do not excel in it) because I must learn to do it with ease. This is an invaluable skill and could help me to land a job.

Time is passing quickly and with the end of each day I feel there was so much left undone. So much left to experience and enjoy.

I was just listening to the Beatles Michelle and I knew what was being said when he spoke in French. That was a lightbulb moment!

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