Friday, July 11, 2008


For young women, the rate went from 5.5 cases per 100,000 per year in 1973 to 9.4 in 1980, and it kept rising to 13.9 in 2004.

Quote from a report I was reading on MSN about the increased rate of skin cancer in young women. The rate of cancer amoung young men increased from 1973-1980 but then stopped. They didn't know the reason for this stailmate but I do. VIdeo-games and cable TV. At that time men discovered the joys of video-games and cable tv and have yet to be heard from since. That is how they are dodging this bullet.

"The take-home message is: Unprotected outdoor ultraviolet exposure is dangerous," Hanke said. "Ultraviolet radiation is a carcinogen. If you bathe your skin in the ultraviolet light carcinogen long enough, skin cancer is going to develop."

Hmmm. No, really. Yes, but there is an entire generation that was hand fed Brittany spears and the super tan when they were very young and impressionable and never paid attention in health class and such. They have no clue as to the above information.

That leads me to my next point. The validity of the following song still holds as true as it did in 1999 as it does now.

Josiah and I have been listening daily and taking it all in. It really can get you going in the morning and in a life slump. Watch it everyday for a week.

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Clint Settlemires said...

Thank you for the song, Sharon. I feel I have read the original article before, but have never heard the song. I'm glad I found it.